lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

My person ... Summary ...

Hello people, welcome to my blog!!!
My name is Virginia. Im from Maracaibo; Venezuela. I'm 20 years old. I study Mass Communication at Urbe. 2nd quarter, my favorite subject is Literature and History. I live wiht my parents, my family is small, my mother's name is Marisela, my father's name is Javier, I have one brother his name is Javier too. I like playing domino, smoking, watching TV. I listen all kind of music.
I'm good at writing notes. I'm also good an drawing. I studied in an Art Academy. I love sleeping during the day. That's why i have trouble sleeping sometimes at night xD...
I have a four yearold Boyfriend, his name is Andres Eduardo, he is a friends nephew, but i love him, to me it's a perfect baby!..
I like hanging out with my friends on weekends. By the way. one of my best friends is my cousin. We laught a each other's foolishness, our best friend thinks we are totally crazy.

I like cooking. It would be nice to make chocolate cake, I'm terrible at that. I am a brief summary about me. I show you more details soon.

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  1. Te invito a mi cumpleaños por el bolgspot, es triste pero no tengo dinero ni para las tarjetas asi q aqui te escribo jajaja y si estas CORDIALEMNTE invitada U_U a beber en nombre de las penas y la pelason "lo certifico"

  2. Jajajajajajajaja.... Buena esta invitación, allí estaremos entonces, este cuerpo y esta alma desprendida de él :P !!!
    Quien se puede resistir U_u